Rushan Fudi Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. was established in two to 00 in May 10th two, the company is located in Rushan City, the white beach town of Golden Bay

Industrial Park, the legal representative of Wang Chunlin, the registered capital of Sanbaiwan yuan, the business scope of production, sales of fishing gear, sports

leisure products and related equipment, accessories, materials, polyurethane rubber, gear series of mechanical and electrical products. In recent years, focusing on the development of environmental health products, especially children's products development and production is a major feature of fortune.


The company covers an area of 120000 square meters, building area of 40000 square meters. The company has more than 280 employees, under the new product development, quality control and inspection, sales, import and export, the production of a number of departments, the formation of production, supply and marketing integration, products are mainly exported to the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia market, the company has advanced production equipment,strong

technical force and professional production lines. With an annual output of 3 million high, medium and low-grade fishing production capacity, of which 90% of

the products exported; products have enjoyed a good reputation and wide praise in the international market.


Each ship can be assembled and inflated for 10 minutes, convenient and fast.

Convenient assembly

Resistance to wind and waves

The ship is fully inflated with inflatable keels under the deck of the ship to ensure that the ship has excellent speed and stability.


The ship, which is released after air, can be folded and smaller, and the trunk of the car in the ship's bag can be installed easily.

Small volume



The special material has high color fastness and the color of the cloth face for a long time, and the special wear-resistant double color protective fender is used to make the hull durable.


High color fastness of special


Anti aging

The material is produced by PVC raw material, adding antiaging agent and resisting the ultraviolet and weathering capacity for more than 5 years



Light weight

The whole ship is made of light cloth, and the floor is also assembled and designed, so the weight is light. Each ship is equipped with a ship bag, and it is more convenient to carry after releasing the gas.


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